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Planning for Trouble — 2 Tips for Finding a Bail Agency Before the Bachelor Party

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Bachelor parties are fun, but sometimes things get out of hand and someone ends up going to jail. Although no plans to get arrested when going out to celebrate a friend's last days as a single person, it's always a good idea to be prepared and find a bail bond agency to use just in case. Here are two tips for selecting the right company to call.

Make Sure They're Open at Convenient Hours

Most bachelor parties start in the evening and last until the wee hours of the morning. Bail bond companies, on the other hand, typically line up their hours so they're open when the courts are, give or take a few hours. If you're arrested outside of these hours, you'll have to wait until the business opens before you can get a bail bond.

This may not be a problem if the crime you're charged with requires a judge to set the bail amount. However, not all criminal offenses require a court hearing. It's not unusual for police stations to have bail schedules for low-level offenses that people can use to get out of jail as soon as they can scrape the money together.

Thus, look for a bail agency that's open 24 hours. If one's not available, find one with the earliest open and/or latest close times. You'll appreciate being able to get out of jail almost immediately, especially if the wedding is the next day.

Ask About Transfer Bonds

Many bachelors choose to leave their hometowns and have their parties at a popular tourist destination, such as Las Vegas or Miami Beach. While there's nothing wrong with that, it can turn into a big problem if you get arrested in a state that's not your place of residence.

That's because you'll have to appear in court to deal with the criminal charges, which may be difficult to do when you live in another state. Because of this, local bondsmen may feel the risk that you won't show up at all—and thus get your bail revoked by the court—is too great and refuse to take your case.

You can get around this by choosing an agency that does transfer bonds. With this type of bond, a bondsman in your home state will post bail for you in the state where you were arrested. They typically charge an extra fee for this, but they'll work to get you out of jail quickly so you can get home.

By all means, have fun at the bachelor party, but make sure you're prepared if things go awry. For more information about bail bonds or to get someone out of jail, contact a local bail bonds service.