The Benefits of Refinancing

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Tips For Buying Your First Duplex

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Buying a home is a major investment, and for many first-time homeowners the idea of pouring a large portion of their income into a home they won’t own for 30 years can be daunting. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the traditional single-family starter home model. One method that can allow you to pay off your home more quickly is to invest in a duplex. The following guide can help. Why a duplex? Read More»

Four Reasons To Consider An Installment Loan For Your Financing Needs

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With the consumer credit marketplace saturated with so many lending options, it’s hard to decide what the best solution is when you need cash. Installment loans are one of the most popular options for meeting urgent financial needs. Here’s a look at several reasons why you should consider an installment loan if you’re in need of cash for an unexpected expense. Clear Interest Rate Most installment loans have a clearly defined, fixed interest rate. Read More»

Should You Ever Refinance A Fixed-Rate Loan With An Adjustable One?

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If you took out a fixed-rate mortgage before the Great Recession, you may be looking at current mortgage interest rates with a combination of disbelief and envy. In fact, those who purchased in the late 90s and have not refinanced since could be paying nearly twice as much in interest as those purchasing or refinancing today. Even if your current interest rate is just a point or two higher than today’s rates, you may be eager to refinance before rates begin to rise again. Read More»

3 Ways To Get Through A Cash Crisis

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In the trucking business, there are few risks more dangerous than a cash crunch. All it takes is a few customers to be late on their bills, several repairs or other unexpected costs, and before you know it, you’re tight on cash. As you likely know, that’s bad news for a trucking company. You need cash on hand to pay for fuel, drivers, maintenance, and a host of other expenses. If you can’t pay those costs, your business could be on the brink. Read More»

Four Reasons To Use A Business Loan To Purchase A Commercial Property

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If you have been working on your business for some time, you may be proud of the strides that you have made. Whether you have been able to quit your previous job and run the business full time, or if it is your first year operating in the black, small business successes should be celebrated. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, you should start looking into a business loan. Read More»

3 Reasons A Shorter-Term Mortgage Loan Will Benefit You

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As you prepare to buy a house, one of the main steps you will have to take involves getting a loan to complete the deal. There are many types of mortgage loans available, and one of the decisions you will have to make is the length of the loan. A shorter-term loan may result in higher monthly payments, but it could also offer some great benefits. Here are three reasons you may want to consider choosing a shorter-term mortgage loan. Read More»

What Are Your Options When You Need Quick Cash?

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Bad things happen–often when you’re flat broke. How can you get some quick cash to pay your overdue rent, get your car repaired, or pay for some emergency dental work? Pawn shops You can get a short term loan at a pawn shop if you have an item of value that they can hold as collateral. These items include possessions such as jewelry, electronics, or musical instruments. When you bring an item into a pawn shop, they will assess the value of the item and offer a loan for a small percentage of that value. Read More»

Mortgage Repayment Strategies: 3 Ways You Can Drastically Cut Your Loan Interest

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It’s estimated that you will spend 34 percent of your hard-earned money on interest payments over the course of your lifetime. While you will pay interest on a number of things, including credit cards, car notes and student loans, you will pay a staggering amount of interest for your mortgage. A typical 30-year, $100,000 mortgage with a low interest rate of 4 percent will cost you approximately$72,000 in interest payments. If you can find strategies to lower your interest obligation on your mortgage, you can save a great deal of money and pay off your home sooner. Read More»