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Debunking The Myths About Bail Bond Services

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If you are in custody waiting for your case to be heard, the court may set you free after you pay a certain amount of bail. Many people don't have the financial resources to post bail and turn to bail bond services for assistance. If you are in a similar situation, here are some myths you shouldn't believe regarding bail bond services.

Bail Bondsmen Exploit Unfortunate Circumstances

Many people liken bail bond businesses to pay-lending services. The notion is that, like pay-day lenders, bail bondsmen make money off poor people who cannot post bail. The myth is that the bail bonds service lobbies for higher sentences, which translates to higher bail. This is an advantage to them because they earn more profit by posting bail on your behalf.

The truth is that bail bond businesses are regulated. Bail bond agents are required to have licenses; therefore, they don't exploit poor people. Also, the bail bonds agency doesn't influence the bail that is set. 

In fact, if you are wrongfully charged for a crime, the bail bond makes sure your life isn't interrupted by paying for your bail. The bail bonds agency also helps those who need time to build a strong defense and gather evidence for their case.

Bail Bonds Have Hidden Fees

The bail bonds process is straightforward. You must raise a certain percentage of the bail amount and give it to the bail bonds agency. You also have to provide collateral to cover the rest of the bail amount, which is paid by the licensed bail bonds.

Provided you turn up in court for your trial, the collateral you provided will be returned to you. However, the licensed bail bonds agency will not refund the initial deposit you paid them. However, if you fail to appear in court, the collateral is used to pay the remaining amount of the bail.

Bail Bonds Services Are the Same as Bounty Hunters

A bail bonds agency and a bounty hunter are two different professions. Since a bail bonds agency posts bail on your behalf, they guarantee to the court that you will be present for your trial.

If you fail to appear for trial, your bail bonds agency may have to sell your collateral to pay for the full bail amount. The bail bonds service may also consult a bounty hunter to find you if you skipped town. Therefore, the job of a bounty hunter is to find a person who has fled after posting bail.

When choosing a bail bonds service, make sure you understand their terms and conditions. Make sure you adhere to your bail conditions; otherwise, you could lose the collateral you gave to the bail bonds service.