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Do You Need Cash To Hire A Bail Bond Agent?

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When you or a loved one gets arrested, you can follow a process to get out of jail. The process involves paying bail to get released now or waiting until the court sets you free. If you want to get out now, you can pay the bail in two different ways. Do you need money to get someone out, though? You can continue reading this blog to find out.

You Need Cash to Pay a Cash Bail

The first option for getting out of jail is to pay the cash bail. When a cash bail exists, it means that you must pay the full amount with cash to get out. Once you do, the jail releases you. Did you know that many jails accept credit card transactions? If your jail accepts credit cards, you can put your bail on your credit card. Therefore, you can either pay with cash or use a credit card to get out. If you want to use a credit card, make sure you have one with an available balance that covers the cash bail amount.

A Bail Bond Agent Charges a Fee that Might Require Cash

If you do not have a way to use the first method, you can call a bail bond agent. The agent will help you get out of jail if you meet the criteria they use, but you might need some cash to pay the fee. A bail bond agent pays the cash bail amount for you, but you must pay a fee. The bail bond agent might require paying the fee with cash, or they might allow you to use a credit card.

Bail Bond Agents Might Accept Collateral Instead

When you do not have cash or credit to use for the bail bond agent's fee, there is one more option you can consider. Many agents accept collateral instead of cash. Collateral is the assets that you give the agent to hold. They hold these things until you complete your case. If you do not follow through with your case, you risk losing the items. You can ask a bail bond agent how much collateral they need to help you.

You can get out of jail without having any cash to use for it, but it is easier to get out if you have some money. If you would like to learn more about the options, reach out to a company like Steele Boys Bail Bonds.