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3 Things to Know Before Hiring Bail Bond Services

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Bail bonds are a saving grace for a lot of people every year who end up in jail and have no idea how they will get out. If you are ever in this situation and need to get out of jail quickly in spite of not having the funds to do so, it is helpful if you know how the process works. There are a few things about the bail bonds process that can come as a surprise if it is the first time you will be obtaining a bail bond. 

1. The bail bond service doesn't always actually pay the full amount of bail. 

It is easy to assume that your bail bonds service will be posting the entirety of the bail on your account so you can get out of jail, but that is typically not what happens. The bond agency will sign a surety bond with the court system that states they will be responsible for all of the bail in the event you do not return to court as you are supposed to. In some cases, some of the bail will have to be paid, in which case the bail bonds service will pay that money. However, it is not common for the bail bonds service to have to pay all of the bail in actual cash. 

2. The bail bonds service may have you check in with them frequently.

With the bail bonds service taking responsibility for the full amount of your bail if you do not return to court, they will oftentimes require that you check in with them so they know you will not be skipping court. It is not uncommon for the service to have you sign an agreement saying you will either stop in and check in weekly until your court date arrives or stay in touch in some other way. 

3. The bail bonds service may require you to consent to be monitored until court. 

In cities where bail jumping is a big problem, the bail bonds service may require that you sign a consent form stating that you will be monitored until you go to court. This consent to be monitored is a little more stringent than just having to check-in. A bail agent may visit you at your home to check up on your whereabouts, for example, or give you a call at random times to find out your location. 

Contact local bail bonds services if you have further questions.