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Tips For Effectively Using Cash Advances

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If payday is coming up, but you need to pay for something right this instant, then a cash advance might be your best bet. However, there are some things that you should know before diving in.

First of all, what is a cash advance?

This is an extremely specific type of loan that is used to pay for small expenditures between now and your next payday. They are also referred to as payday loans and are incredibly easy to access. Of course, that comes at a price, which tends to be very high interest rates.

On the other hand, cash advances are often for small sums of money (generally in the hundreds of dollars) when compared to other loans, so you won't necessarily be paying that much in interest, as long as you use cash advances sparingly.

To get a cash advance, you will need some information and documentation, such as identity, proof of residence, proof of employment, and a bank account. However, credit score often isn't weighed very heavily, so you can still get a cash advance if you have poor credit.

So how do you use a cash advance correctly?

In short, you need to take out only as much money as you need and you need to have a strong plan in place for repaying the money.

You might be tempted to grab a couple extra dollars on that loan for some extra groceries, but you should carefully weigh whether or not you can afford that. If possible, delay any additional expenditures until you have successfully paid back the loan.

On that note, you need to have a firm plan for repayment before you even take the loan. Many cash advances will have you sign a check for the amount that you owe, to be cashed on your next payday. In these cases, you don't have to worry about forgetting to make the payment. However, you do need to monitor your funds extremely carefully to make sure that you have enough when the time comes. 

For example, you might have some other bills on automatic deposit that are deducted on your payday before that repayment check gets cashed. If that does happen, then you could be left without enough to pay the check. If your check does bounce, then you might have to deal with double the interest and an extended repayment deadline (to your next payday probably).

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