The Benefits of Refinancing

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Bail Reduction: Frequently Asked Questions

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After an arrest, a defendant is booked and place in a holding cell while they wait to go before a judge. The judge will take several points into consideration before determining if the defendant is free to leave, denying bail, or assigning a bail amount. If the bail amount is high, you can ask the judge for a bail reduction. For many, this reduction makes it more feasible to obtain the assistance of a bail bondsman. Read More»

5 Unusual Types Of Collateral For Bail Bonds

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For as long as bail has existed, countless people have used collateral of all types to secure bail bonds and stay out of jail during pending cases. Having the ability to put up collateral to secure a bail bond comes in handy, especially for those who lack immediate access to cash. Houses, cars, and jewelry are just some of the more common assets that are often used as collateral for bail bonds. Read More»

What to Know about Financing Your Remodel

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Remodeling a specific interior space or even the entire house can be expensive. As you start to go over costs, you’ll likely realize that you need more money than you’ve saved for the project. Home remodeling loans can allow you to complete that new kitchen or bathroom; however, you should be aware of the following things before taking one out Combine Cash with a Loan You may want to get a full remodeling loan for all project costs, even if you’ve got money saved. Read More»

Is An FHA Mortgage Right For You?

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When it comes to mortgages, homebuyers have a number of viable options from which to choose from. From conventional mortgages to VA loans and everything in between, knowing which type of home loan is right for you can be challenging. For many homebuyers, an FHA mortgage is an option worth considering. Specifically, an FHA loan is a type of home loan that is offered by the Federal Housing Authority. This type of mortgage offers a guaranteed, steady interest rate throughout the repayment term of a loan, in addition to other benefits. Read More»

Make Homeownership More Affordable With These Two FHA Loan Programs

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Homes are a great investment, but the ever-increasing cost of property puts them out of reach for many potential buyers. Luckily, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) has several loan programs that can make homeownership more affordable. Here are two you should investigate. FHA Graduated Payment People with low to moderate income may decide to put off buying homes because the mortgage payments take too big a chunk out of their paychecks. Read More»

Can You Get A Home Loan For A Tiny House?

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You have your sights set on a more reserved, more efficient lifestyle, so those monstrous traditional homes with tons of square footage simply aren’t for you. Making the decision to jump on the tiny house bandwagon and drastically change your living situation can be a huge move, but one that is well worth the change for most people. The one tricky part of investing in a tiny home is that you may not be able to get the same home loan opportunities. Read More»

Need Cash Fast? Why You Should Get A Jewelry Loan

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Nearly everyone has been in a situation where they’ve been strapped for cash. No matter how meticulous you might plan out your budget, there will inevitably come a time when ends just don’t meet, and you’re left trying to find out how to get some extra money. If you’ve reached this point and are searching for ways to drum up some extra dough, there are certainly options available to you. The next time you find yourself searching for more cash find out why getting a jewelry loan is the ideal way for you to dig yourself out of your financial rut. Read More»

How Important Is Getting To Know Your Home Loan Officer?

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You have tracked down the right house, you have a good idea as to what you want in a mortgage plan, and now comes the tricky part: finding a loan officer. Too many prospective homebuyers simply make an appointment with whatever loan officer they get at the mortgage company or lender that seems to have what they need to offer. However, it actually is a pretty good idea to get to know your experienced loan officer on a more familiar level before you start working with them to get your new home. Read More»

3 Ways To Sort Your Way Through When A Broke Down Car Leaves You In A Tight Spot

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As a working adult who doesn’t have a very high income, there are always situations that can come along that can only be described as sour. One of these such situations is when your car breaks down, leaving you without a ride to work, and feeling very much like you are stuck in a major bind. Thankfully, there are options for people like you when life hands you a situation you can’t afford to handle with your vehicle. Read More»